Rhubarb & Ravens is a collaboration between two friends, both mothers of three, who discovered, over many cups of tea, that we were kindred spirits in our shared love of family, making, and exploring. Once upon a time we lived in the same Alaska neighborhood. Now we bridge the space between Alaska and Maine through weekly photographs, sparks of inspiration, and story. We tend our friendship by documenting the parallels and contrasts of our lives on either northern edge. We hope it inspires.


photo credit: Cate Wnek

I am Cristine Marie. I love weaving words, discovering the wild corners of Maine, and playing with the poetry of life through lens. I am happiest when pausing on a run to identify a bird, sharing a mug of loose leaf chai with my husband, dragging my children on yet another hike, spending time with dear friends, and savoring the bittersweet of holding a moment I will long love. A mother to three girls, my creative and volunteer work often pivot around the interaction between children and nature, and how to sustain the wild, particularly that essence within. Passionate about raising my daughters to be confident innovators comfortable using diverse mediums to share their narratives, my home just might be a messy confluence of open ended art and tinkering explorations. Seeking to live life to the fullest breadth, I called Alaska home for over ten years before moving onto a 36′ sailboat with my family of five in Maine. Now we live on the hard in a tiny cabin while we build our long term home. Or perhaps until we brave the dream to sail east.


Photo by Jon Mowery

I’m Sarah B. I am an artist, designer and mother of three living at the foot of the Chugach Mountains in Anchorage, Alaska. When I am not chasing my kids around or working on design projects, I find solace puttering in my urban garden, loitering in the cookbook section of my local library, and orchestrating inventive meals for my family and friends. I love to make things and am drawn to a wide variety of media. Always knee deep in a project or two, I’m happiest when my hands are dirty. The natural beauty, wildness, and sense of community of Alaska has shaped who I am, and inspires me every single day. I revel in watching my children learn how to gut salmon, harvest mountain blueberries, and nurture seeds into all things edible. I like the blackest coffee, the hoppiest beer and the funkiest cheese. I have a sharp tongue, but am loyal to a fault. A homebody with deep roots, I still love to wander and imagine where the next fork in the road will lead.

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